Serial intrigue through complementary covers and page layout. 

Book Design


The Silver Age is a series of science fiction and fantasy books that present superheroes as human beings living on an earth quite different than our own. The series evolves around the complex relationship between Chiara—a genetically-gifted, beautiful young woman; the super-powered but emotionally challenged Protectors out to save the world; and Chiara’s power-hungry and tyrannical father who’ll let nothing—not even his own daughter—stand in his way. Veiled behind bold, elongated cover typography, our heroine is shown poised for extraordinary adventures. Design for a Small Plant created the highly stylized design approach for both covers and pages, and managed all aspects of design, layout, and preproduction.

Chiara X Cover_v5-9 BN
Vampyr Cover_v9 mo Kreduced FINAL BN
Ghost_Town Cover_Amazon_px1600

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